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I navigate travel around my chronic illness and disability. My mission is to help others realise their dreams, and see that that travel can be accessible to everyone.

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Let me tell you, how I am preparing for solo travel fulltime. But first, let’s discuss how my plans have evolved. If you haven’t been following my Instagram lately you’ll not know that I’m in a whole life shift upheaval kinda thing at the moment. And if you’re not following, what are you waiting for? […]

Ha Long Bay, roughly translates to “decending dragon bay”. It is made up of around 2000 islets and islands.And was recently crowned ‘One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature’ from 2007-2011. Not to mention that it is a UNESCO World Herritage Site too. Halong bay is an immensely popular area and one of the […]

Before I get started with this Vietnam weather guide and when to visit the stunning country, I want to be clear – travel restrictions are still in force around the world. I do not advise you to or think that anyone should travel right now. I do advise that you follow your government’s advice. As […]

Choosing when to go to a location, is almost as important as choosing where to go! It can really impact how you see the place and help manage your expectations. Obviously, for many, going on holiday in the summer is a no brainer. Pretty standard right? Well, I’m going to break what you think in […]

Are you worried something isn’t quite right with your periods? Been told you may be suffering from Endometriosis? Or have a friend or family member who is? Whether you’re concerned, or simply want to understand what living with the disease is like, you’ve come to the right place. So let’s reveal the truth about what […]

This list of travel gadgets and items to take on holiday has something for every disabled traveller, and perhaps even those without chronic illness or disability. I’ve thought long and hard about what has helped me to navigate long haul flights, bouncing locations and unpredictable symptoms. And added some that are likely to help other […]

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