How I am preparing for Solo Travel

Let me tell you, how I am preparing for solo travel fulltime. But first, let’s discuss how my plans have evolved.

If you haven’t been following my Instagram lately you’ll not know that I’m in a whole life shift upheaval kinda thing at the moment. And if you’re not following, what are you waiting for? Go do it!

But anyways, back to the upheaval. I basically went through a breakup that made me decide what I really wanted in life. And what I didn’t want. My wants and needs for the future basically didn’t match to his, and that is all the tea spilt.

What I did get out of this was knowing the direction I want to take for my future, it made me think long and hard and feel like I really need to follow through on it, else it’s all in vein.

My conclusion to how I wanted to spend my life was that I wanted adventure, fluidity, I want to see the world, not be tied down, not to have the mundane life, living for retirement, only to find that retirement brings me nothing.

So I decided that I’m going to bite the bullet. I’m going to go travel the world on my own, solo it and see what happens. Open my mind to everything and see what comes my way, and where I end up.

I aim to leave the country in early 2021, so I have about 6 months to get myself prepared. Ready and gone. So, I thought it may be helpful for others to see my progress, my plans and my intentions. Here is a quick breakdown of what I am doing at the moment, preparing for solo travel full time.

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Selling the things I own.

How I am preparing for solo travel -

I have so much stuff! So soo much stuff, half of it I don’t use or wear, just kept and acquiring dust.

Having worked in retail, I own so many clothes from the brands I worked for, mainly Rare London and French Connection. I have so much that I don’t wear and have no intention of wearing again.

So I’m selling it all. I aim to keep only a suitcase and a backpacks worth of clothes. That’s it. Similarly, for miscellaneous items, I am aiming for 2 boxes full only. And as my Terry Pratchett books fill one, there isn’t much else left!

If you want to help a girl out, here is the link to my Depop acccount. I’m happy to accept offers and make bundles so get on it and help me off load and fund my plans too.

Trying to get an income coming in.. remotely.

In order to live on the road I also need to be making money on the road too. I can’t live if I can’t afford to support myself. I also don’t want just one income source, because then if something happened to it, boom, everything is gone.

For that reason I would rather several sources that trickle, rather than one flowing river. Then if one of my income sources gets damaged, I only have to pick up a little more on each of the others. Makes sense, yeah?

My remote income ideas start with affiliate links, where if you click a link to an item and purchase from said website from the link on my website, I will receive a small commission on your purchase. The best thing? It costs you nothing!

Other streams are selling prints of my work (if you are interested let me know!), selling stock photography and working with brands and businesses for photography/blog/instagram posts.

With all this hopefully I can get the income I need going so I can hit the ground running. If you want to help support me, find out how here, I’d really appreciate it! Or if you want to work together with me as a brand, find out how here.

Buying to let.

Part of the break up was that we obviously have to sell the house that we bought together. That is still going through and looking to take about 6 weeks. I have put an offer in on a house of my own and that has been accepted and should complete at the same time, hopefully.

My plan is to do some basic modernisation to it, nothing too fancy but enough that it’s pretty, and I want to come back to it. Then I aim to rent it out for when I leave to travel.

This will mean that the money I have is invested, yet I’m still getting a monthly income from it to add to the above income streams. Bit of a no brainer, really. Plus I get my own place again until I go, which is always a bonus.

Reading articles on Solo travel.

How I am preparing for solo travel -

The internet is full of advice on every topic going, and it is no different for solo travel, especially female solo travel.

I have a full folder on Pinterest of other peoples blog posts advising the best tips and advise for travelling on your own as a woman. I think reading up on this kind of stuff is so so important.

I mean I’m pretty savvy as it is, I don’t put myself in situations that put me at additional risk. So not all the posts have something new to tell me.

But one of the examples that have really helped, was finding out about products you don’t even know exist. Like this alarm door stop that goes off if pressure is placed on it from someone entering your room in the middle of the night!

Little snippets of gold like that could be the difference between sleeping sound at night or not, and all for reading some other peoples travel blogs and experiences.

Putting my intentions in writing.

I believe in the law of attraction and that what energies we put out we attract into our lives. I believe that we manifest what happens in ur lives and if you put that energy and action out there then it will happen, or something better will.

One of the best ways to manifest is to put pen to paper and write about what you want, why you want it and how it will make you feel.

Aside from manifesting too, it’s just a really great progress monitor, to keep you on the right track and then as time passes you can see how far you’ve come too. I am a big fan of writing things down and I have a specific notebook for just this.

It will include the specifics of what my life will look like by the time I set foot on the plane. What I need to be earning, how I am making the money, how I am going to be attracting friends and peple in to my life and more.

If you don’t believe in the law of attraction I would still recommend something similar as it just helps to get thoughts out of your mind that may spin and develop. Life progress is easier to track if you have a record of what you were aiming for in your goals in the first place!

What next?

How I am preparing for solo travel -

There is going to be far more for me to do when it comes to preparing for solo travel, I know this. For now though, I am just rolling with the punches, taking every day as it comes. Deciding what I need to do as I think of it.

Until I know what month I’m going setting a schedule isn’t really something I’ll do, as things are still up in the air with Covid anyway. Once I get closer to departure I can start making a basic plan and looking for destinations and making some lists of favourites on

The most important thing for me at the moment, is getting that income starting to trickle in. And controlling myself enough to stick at it. Once I’ve got that moving, I feel like everything else will be much easier to manage.

So, do you think there’s anything I’ve missed off that I should be doing at this stage? I would love to hear your thoughts! And if you’ve any tips, all the better!

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