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If you like my work and feel I would be a good match for your company, brand or locale read on! There are many different ways we can work together.

Take a look under the description that most accurately describes you to find out how we can make a dream team!

Product based Businesses

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If you have a product to sell and you think I would love to try it, get in touch!

All the reviews I publish are 100% honest, and any products I recommend are ones that I use and love myself. Afterall, I wouldn’t advise any of my readers to use something that’s no good!

Once I’ve tried the product, and if I love it I will set to work on the agreed contract. I can provide imagery using/wearing the product, reviews, informational posts and more.

Tourism Based Work

Work with Me 2

Do you provide a tourism-based service? Such as a hotel, airline, tourism board?

If you have any PR trips coming up that you feel I may be a fit for, let me know.

From Jan 2021 I will be travelling full time. I will keep a schedule of places here for you to keep an eye out. If there is time not in a schedule, I am free to go anywhere on this date.

If you don’t fit under one of these headings, fear not.

I’m approachable! Let me know what you have in mind. Either that or request my media kit and rate card.

About My Services

I’m not sure if services is what I really want to go for here, but I want you to know what I can bring to the table.

Writing is, obviously my main go-to here. I can offer write-ups, guest blogging, reviews and so much more.

Likewise, I would love to have your input on my blog, let’s face it, I can only speak from my circumstances. If you suffer from a chronic illness or have a disability, and love to travel I would love to interview you. Alternatively, if you wish to submit a post for publishing, that would be great too! Let me know what you think.

Photography is a huge passion, whether I’m in front of, or behind the camera. I take all my images, and model in them too! I used to be a professional hair model, I’ve picked up a trick or two on the way. Want to see some images from my portfolio, check here or on my Instagram.

Misc. I’m open to ideas, throw them at me!

Got a question to ask? Want to work together? Or just need a chat?

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